A House is a House for Me

“Assisted living is so costly” … “We’d rather make ourselves more comfortable in our own home” … “I don’t want to leave our neighborhood” … “I’m just not ready to downsize” 
We hear these sentiments often and have helped many people remodel to accommodate their changing needs and lifestyles.
Customizing Kitchens where things are easily reached, avoiding hardware that is difficult for arthritic hands, selecting floor materials that offer smooth transitions and researching technological options for Smart Homes are just a few of the details that come into play. We had a client that came to us after an accident that left her feeling fragile. She wanted to start with her bathroom and needed us to come up with a plan that would make her feel more confident living by herself. The son said, “Seriously, she’ll grab anything that is in her path if she feels unstable!” No one would have ever guessed that the tissue holder, three towel bars, tub faucet and soap tray all strategically placed could each hold up to 500lbs. In this day and age, no need to bolt up the industrial grab bars everywhere. ADA compliant products can be “hidden in plain sight” in many rooms of your home to create safe, yet aesthetically beautiful spaces designed specifically for you.



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