A little ditty about Paper Towel Holders

Dear Sir or Madam, will you put me on a hook?To be at hand for that spill or mess when you cook? I’m not very pretty but you always want me near.And I do the jobSo I wanna be a paper towel holder. 

(To the tune of Paperback Writer by The Beatles)

The Quicker Picker Upper! Scrub Strength Brawny! Strong Absorbent & More on a Roll!

Rosie the Waitress, played by actress Nancy Walker of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Rhoda fame starred for decades in the Bounty commercials when I was growing up. When we saw her memorable face, my brother and I would race to the kitchen for a snack during the commercial break of our favorite programs, Gilligan’s Island and Good Times.  In our 70’s kitchen, we had the standard plastic dispenser mounted under the upper kitchen cabinets. Kitchen aesthetics be damned. Function over refined. We were messy kids.

In today’s world, replacing paper towels with reusable options is a little slow in adoption. We love the convenience and reliability of pulling off the perfect size wipe for our everyday issues. And just like everything, you can customize your paper towel experience! Horizontal vs. Vertical Dispensers. Inside vs. Outside Cabinetry Mounted Dispensers. Custom Designed Deep Cabinet Drawers. Artistic Weighted Bases. You can find options in every material and finish and cost bracket to suit your look. Let the good times “roll”.


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