All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

In March, you were ready for the college basketball tournament with an outfit befitting your true-blue status. The #BBN would be represented with sincere enthusiasm and serious style. Let the Madness begin! **  Not so fast. All conferences were cancelled March 12th. 

In April, you were looking forward to attending a few days of Keeneland’s Spring Race Meet. Already had spruced up your spring wardrobe offerings and couldn’t wait to showcase your new purchases, weather permitting. Keeneland can be warm/sunny or cold/cloudy depending on the day and which part of the clubhouse or track you were planning to enjoy. ** Bad news. Keeneland officials cancel Spring meet on March 16th.

Also, in April, you had plans to head south for Spring Break and scored the perfect bathing attire to hit the beach and poolside. You couldn’t wait to unpack the suitcase full of new resort wear. ** Governor DeSantis finally drops the axe. Stay-at-home order for Floridians issued April 1st, closing beaches. Checkpoints at Interstate 95 and 10 to cross into state. Hotels closed to the public, only “essential lodgers”.

In May, you, along with your Kentucky brethren and fans across the world were looking forward to joining in on singing “one song for my old Kentucky home” and had been brainstorming for months for the perfect outfits for Derby weekend. Dapper ties, fascinators, matching his/her Derby ensembles. You had an appointment with that famous milliner for a custom look. You even bought colorful clear ponchos as a backup so your outfit would still be visible on a rainy Derby Day. ** For the first time in 75 years, Derby will not be held on the first Saturday in May. It is postponed on March 16th until September.

Not many could have possibly predicted what has happened this year. (Personally, I was supposed to be touring Barcelona to Brussels in April. Instead, I was logging steps between my  bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.) Whatever pre-planned and purchased items carefully cultivated for plans got returned, credited or stored for another day, another time. Such is the reality of our current existence.  Everyone has been affected. Life has marched on but how we normally celebrate has not. Weddings, birthdays, proms, graduations, funerals, anniversaries and all typical events are not the gatherings of friends and family. Looking at the silver lining, you have to appreciate people’s creativity and sense of humor. Balcony serenades, birthday party parades, even those that are dressing up for some of the most mundane chores have made me smile. Those caped crusaders, zombies, elves and storybook princes and princesses rolling out trash cans to the street-side are entertaining. The dinner productions with menus, props and entertainment shared on social media seem elaborate but clearly gave the entire family an “activity” for the day. Spending so much time in our homes has many of us scouring Overstock, Wayfair and auction sites for that perfect side chair, lamp or area rug. Freshening up our personal spaces has never sounded so good. And the most important thing? It gives us an “activity” to work on. 

If your kitchen or bath is falling into your “to do” category, we’ve got good news. Our designers are available to meet you personally, our manufacturers are producing cabinets and our remodeling partners are practicing #healthyatwork strategies. AKB is available at, at your convenience. 

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