Barstool “Picks”

Your newly renovated kitchen only needs one more item, the right set of barstools! Selection criteria hinges on height, style, comfort and price.  Your goal is to create a cohesive look that balances your new space and creates visual interest. High back, low back, or backless? Swivel vs. stationary? Upholstered, leather, wood, rattan, metal or acrylic seats? Deciding on which direction to go has a lot to do not only with the overall look you want but who will be using them.

If children are involved, no surprise that upholstery gets dirty. Leather and wood will get scratched with metal detailing on denim pants and cleated shoes. Regarding swivel vs. stationary, I’ve found that the fewest moving parts when children are involved is a good rule of thumb. Something about spinning chairs and children is a recipe for trouble. Metal swivel chairs knocking into marble countertops can also be an issue. Versions with armrests have to be carefully measured to make sure the armrests clear the countertop height easily.

How many chairs does your island accommodate? Rule of thumb is to divide the length of your island’s counter by 30 to determine how many stools will comfortably fit. Extra wide barstools will obviously reduce your overall seating capacity.

Blend in or stand out? Scandinavian elegance, Italian sleek, Amish country, a hint of retro or industrial chic… selecting barstools is all about finding the ideal balance between aesthetics and ergonomics. Ask your AKB designer for helpful hints!

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