Meet AKB’s Team


Recently a friend’s parent was admitted to the hospital for a non life-threatening condition. After the battery of tests to determine the issue, they were counseled by the staff to consider a particular procedure.  My friend went into patient advocate mode and asked pointedly, “How many of these procedures have you done at this facility?” followed up by “How many of these procedures have you done personally?”  Valid questions that have a direct bearing on the results desired.

It got me thinking… 

In the remodeling world, selecting a reputable company with a team of qualified professionals who have executed the procedures time after time with successful results may not be life or death situations, but are certainly instances that are life changing!  This is why I encourage any one who is exploring who to hire for their remodeling project to understand not only the value of education, but of experience.
Meet Team AKB.
Brent– AKB Owner, Architect. Designer. University of Kentucky Graduate. Former Principal and Board Member of Ross Tarrant Architects. 
Gwen– Designer. University of California, San Diego and the Design Institute of San Diego. Portfolio of high end kitchen and bath projects that span 20 years. 
Linda- Designer. University of Kentucky, Interior Design. Former owner of her own design company with experience in multi states. Over 30 years in interior design and kitchen and bath experience. 
Melanie- Designer. University of Kentucky. Interior Design. Former Partner of a home decorative company and former CFO of Embry’s. Joined AKB’s team in 2013.
Any one of these talented people can show you a Portfolio of Work and Demonstrated Results.
Isn’t that what you deserve when making serious changes?

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due


Attended a Remodeled Home Tour this weekend to represent AKB. Loved seeing how quickly talent is appreciated!  People passing through the renovations AKB had on the tour couldn’t quite pinpoint what they liked… they loved the entire look. The “Entire Look” in a kitchen or bath is because an AKB professional designer was involved. PERIOD. The look and feel of the entire project admired is because AKB listened to their clients and created the design and found the products that represented their client’s vision. Partnering with a qualified remodeling company completes the picture. Awesome results.


It’s Not “Paint by Numbers”

I remember paint by number kits as a kid. Given to me by the visiting relatives to either keep me busy during adult conversations or usher my creative talent, I took great pleasure in completing each and every project. My budding talent was destined only for the “gallery” of the family refrigerator, but I enjoyed the activity none the less. What’s not to like about it? No expertise or expensive materials required. Everything the creator needed in one convenient box. Art made simple.

Today, I’m in a business that is a far cry from the paint by numbers kits. Nothing that AKB creates comes out of anything ready-made. There is no Lego like warehouse of product to install in projects, no Garanimal-like plans on file to reuse. Everything does not “match” and is “interchangeable”. Fact is, every project is CUSTOM. Every client’s needs are evaluated to provide exactly what they want at the cost they are comfortable investing. At the end of of a project, everything looks so effortlessly “correct” and appealing that the viewer is led to believe the result is as simple as a paint by number kit.  I can assure you that it is not.

Professional Designers created the look that you are admiring. Looking at a photo? Please ask who designed the space. The Designer/Architect or Interior Designers are the  true “voice” of every photo. Every decision made from material, lighting, color and placement were made by them. Read something like ex/”Material by…”, “Cabinets by…”, “Lighting by…”, and you have been short changed on WHO DESIGNED THAT SPACE?!

It’s no different than a designer garment. The Designer’s name goes on the garment… regardless of the workmen that put it together.

It should be the same on a beautifully designed space.

Visit AKB and we can show you exactly what each and every picture means.


You say Tomahto, I say Tomayto

Everyone has their own perspective… we see it daily in our showroom. What appears to be a “WOW” factor to one person is standard to another. In my previous posting “Clueless on Cost”, I discussed how different products in the same layout can radically affect the cost. There is nice… and then there is really nice. In some of our serious six figure kitchens what distinguishes an upscale remodel boils down to two factors: project scale and luxury products.

Project Scale

Big doesn’t always mean more expensive, but when projects involve comprehensive designs for Main and Secondary Kitchens or Kitchens with specialized pantries and wet bars, the investment is higher. High/Vaulted ceilings might benefit from cabinetry details (friezes, mouldings, glass fronts, paneling, strategic lighting, etc) to complement the grand scale of a room. Custom made focal points, finishes and designer hardware complete projects beautifully but come at a significant cost.

Luxury Products

Think automobiles. They all serve the same general purpose of getting you from point A to point B. But let’s be honest, some manufacturers’ names roll off the tongue a little sweeter than others. Enjoying the premium feel of grained leather and wood accents or heated steering wheels and seats, are all options for the person willing to make that investment. Appliances are no different. Luxury appliances are a big selling point for performance, for look, and for prestige. Scan through the real estate market listings and when a realtor wants to brag about a property, you’ll find, “State of the art kitchen!” usually means Sub-Zero, Wolf, Viking, Northland, La Cornue, AGA, Bosch…multiple dishwashers, specialty ovens, warming drawers, wine coolers, undercounter fridges, beverage centers- just to name a few. Countertops of exotic natural stones, expensive fixtures, designer lighting and flooring materials tick the meter to Upscale.

Have a project in mind requiring that type of investment? AKB can show you how it’s done.


Clueless on Cost

You’ve dreamed of the perfect kitchen for you and your family to enjoy, saving photos and articles on ideas to consider for your new room. You can’t wait to replace your ugly and unneeded soffits with beautiful ceiling height cabinetry! The tipping point comes when you sit down with pen and paper to do your financial due diligence. What exactly does a kitchen remodel cost? This is critical for many potential clients and requires more than just a guesstimate. If you’ve never remodeled before, here are some factors to consider…

There are many variables in remodeling but it mainly boils down to  three typical categories: Minor, Major, and Upscale. I’ll touch on the first two and leave Upscale for another post!

Minor updating usually doesn’t involve replacing the cabinetry.  New knobs and pulls, updating countertops, or maybe staining/painting existing cabinetry fall in the minor category. Major and Upscale remodeling is what AKB specializes in and involves the design and installation of custom cabinetry solutions, selection of countertops, tiles, fixtures, appliances, paint colors and lighting. But, before all these pretty pieces and parts are installed, demolition and room reconstruction are two items on your budget list that require a competitive bid. If you have not already decided on who you want to work with, AKB will help you select the contractor that best suits your needs.

Now for the fun part- deciding on all the pretty pieces and parts! The sky is the limit… and maybe you wish your budget was as well. Not to worry, this stage just may require a little give and take on your wish list. Consider the following example:

Same exact layout… and a $20,000 different price tag. The darker version is approximately $20,270 for Cabinets, Delivery & Installation, Hood, Hardware, Countertops, Appliances, Back splash, Faucet, and Sink.The lighter version is approximately $39,000 with the costlier selection of full inset doors and drawers, glass door cabinets with finished interiors, nicer grade granite and Electrolux Appliance package.

Clearly there is a wide range of costs to consider when budgeting for the look you want. At AKB, helping guide you through those decisions is what we do best.

What Not to Wear- Cabinetry Style

Looking for a new home? Looking to remodel your current one? An important factor in evaluating cost and value of cabinetry cannot be determined by looking at the exterior alone. Using the example of Glass-Front Cabinetry, here’s what you shouldn’t see!

Glass Front Cabinetry is an option that adds texture and interest to kitchen, bath and wet bar spaces and provides opportunity to showcase personal collections. It is visually very appealing in the overall design and look with its myriad of cabinetry styles, details and levels of glass obscurity. Well made products of this option should show that the glass panel is securely in place… held by metal adjustable clips, custom made screwed in frames, or sealed in place with silicone. What shouldn’t you see? Staples. Your hard working cabinets deserve a little more attention that the framed poster on your basement wall! So open up the door, see what you are considering investing in and make sure it is a quality product.

More Than Meets the Eye

Big beautiful kitchen pictures are impressive… but they may not help a client decide who to hire when remodeling.  What should you do when interviewing contractors? Ask who designed it.
The person who knows EXACTLY what went in to that design, how layout problems were solved, what elements and materials were suggested, ideas that were discarded for specific reasons… THAT person can elaborate on every detail of what that beautiful kitchen picture really represents.

If you want that level of attention to your remodeling project, visit us in our showroom. We have a beautiful portfolio of AKB designed projects and can happily explain what went in to each and every one of them.


The best remodeling projects are the result of a collaborative relationship between a client and a designer. Discussing how you use your current space, why your current space does not work for you, what materials, finishes and features you have always dreamed about- make the perfect conversation points for the experienced designer with knowledge and resources to help you. At AKB, show us a photo saying you want a space just like it …and the first thing we’ll ask is “What do you like about this project?” Our projects are created by bringing all your ideas together to create a plan, a plan that is unique to you.

So Many Options


We have an attractive showroom where many people drop by to discuss redoing their kitchen or baths. They enjoy looking through our vast array of cabinetry and countertop samples, envisioning multiple possible looks to their new space! A subject that often comes up in this exploratory stage is the “cost”. The abundant remodeling shows on TV continue to mislead clients to a certain degree about the real cost of materials needed for their projects. In an effort to educate people that come in our showroom, we developed two “informational boards” for people to consider when they are in this stage.
The moral to the story: It always comes down to the materials the client selects. The same overall design can result in a multitude of estimates based on the personal preferences of the client. Good Grade Cabinetry to Supreme Furniture-Like Cabinetry, Standard Granite to Exotic Stones… deciding on what you want to invest in requires understanding the options.

Three Stages of Remodeling Kitchens


There are three main stages of remodeling your kitchen.

  1. Design Process
  2. Obtaining a Contractor
  3. Coordination & Installation Process

The Design Process usually involves an initial appointment with one of AKB’s designers in your home. The opportunity to view your space and ask questions about your needs and desires for your room is critical before pen ever hits paper. This would be a good time to also consider if you’ll need a plumbing fargo company to come in during installation of certain features in the space, as well as other contractors.

The second appointment is in our showroom where general sketches or computer design drawings will be presented. You will be able to view showroom displays and consider cabinet styles, woods and finishes. You may also view and discuss our substantial collection of countertop surfaces, plumbing, and other finish selections. If your remodel is at the stage requiring plumbing services, click here to learn about plumbers near me. An estimate will be given based on your general information and feedback. At the end of this appointment, if you feel AKB is on the right path for your cabinetry design, a 10% retainer based on the estimated costs is required. (This amount is applied to the contract.) Once retained, we will continue to refine and modify your design and pricing until you are completely satisfied. When you are ready to begin the ordering process, a 50% deposit on the total contract is required.

Obtaining a Contractor can be a confusing process as there are a lot of options. AKB is happy to refer several qualified contractors that specialize in kitchen and bath remodels for you to consider. We work with both large and small companies and are happy to consult with your contractor to ensure the implementation of the design you want. Remember you’re not just looking for kitchen design contractors, but also plumbing contractors as well as others too, if you’re wanting to find more information, Read More…

Coordination and Installation is where it all comes together and should be a well orchestrated event! Once we have received delivery dates for your cabinets, we coordinate with you and your contractor to set up delivery to your home. When your cabinet order comes in, the next 40% of your contract is due to AKB. Installation by our installer or your contractor will be followed by countertop field measurements. Countertops are generally delivered and installed within 2-3 weeks of the template date. Once your kitchen or bathroom is completely finished, the final 10% of the AKB contract is due. At this point, AKB will thank you for allowing us to be a part of your project and hope you will allow us to take some photographs of your beautiful new space for our portfolio!