Buyer Beware: Price Shopping for Fixtures.

Looks can be deceiving. There can be a difference between quality grade fixtures ordered through professional providers and retail grade versions that you can pick up at the local Home Depot. Hold a faucet purchased from the big box store in one hand and a similar one from a plumbing supply store in the other and you might feel the difference in weight. Plastic vs. metal working parts means breakable vs. long lasting.  Your builder wants to install your fixture and have supreme confidence that it will last. So do we. If a fixture is purchased through professional suppliers, everything is warranted. The fixture, the installation and any unforeseen issues (think water damage!) due to malfunction will be handled professionally. If you purchase a fixture yourself online or from a big box store, your warranty will typically be for the install only. You’ll have to deal with returning your item and any residual issues yourself… not to mention the additional labor to reinstall.

When you’re ready to remodel your kitchen or bath, trust in the people that can guide you through purchasing decisions that save you time, money and frustrations. Selecting the best fixtures for your remodeling project is as important to your design team as it is to your builder.

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