Clueless on Cost

You’ve dreamed of the perfect kitchen for you and your family to enjoy, saving photos and articles on ideas to consider for your new room. You can’t wait to replace your ugly and unneeded soffits with beautiful ceiling height cabinetry! The tipping point comes when you sit down with pen and paper to do your financial due diligence. What exactly does a kitchen remodel cost? This is critical for many potential clients and requires more than just a guesstimate. If you’ve never remodeled before, here are some factors to consider…

There are many variables in remodeling but it mainly boils down to  three typical categories: Minor, Major, and Upscale. I’ll touch on the first two and leave Upscale for another post!

Minor updating usually doesn’t involve replacing the cabinetry.  New knobs and pulls, updating countertops, or maybe staining/painting existing cabinetry fall in the minor category. Major and Upscale remodeling is what AKB specializes in and involves the design and installation of custom cabinetry solutions, selection of countertops, tiles, fixtures, appliances, paint colors and lighting. But, before all these pretty pieces and parts are installed, demolition and room reconstruction are two items on your budget list that require a competitive bid. If you have not already decided on who you want to work with, AKB will help you select the contractor that best suits your needs.

Now for the fun part- deciding on all the pretty pieces and parts! The sky is the limit… and maybe you wish your budget was as well. Not to worry, this stage just may require a little give and take on your wish list. Consider the following example:

Same exact layout… and a $20,000 different price tag. The darker version is approximately $20,270 for Cabinets, Delivery & Installation, Hood, Hardware, Countertops, Appliances, Back splash, Faucet, and Sink.The lighter version is approximately $39,000 with the costlier selection of full inset doors and drawers, glass door cabinets with finished interiors, nicer grade granite and Electrolux Appliance package.

Clearly there is a wide range of costs to consider when budgeting for the look you want. At AKB, helping guide you through those decisions is what we do best.

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