Controversy Over Gas Stoves?

Is the Federal government considering a ban on gas stoves? After a Bloomberg interview providing comments made by a U.S. Consumer Product Safety commissioner on the hazards of gas stoves became public, the implications clearly struck a nerve. The backtracking articles were quick to attempt damage control… but in truth, there are many articles pushing this subject, particularly since 2020. For the purposes of this blog, I decided to retrace my own history. Electric. Gas. Electric.

1970’s- Our 30-inch 4 burner electric GE Stove was the hub of activity.  Once mom allowed my brother and I “cooking privileges”, we perfected the fried bologna sandwich. Score a piece of Oscar Mayer bologna 4 times so it doesn’t curl up. Skillet fry until barely crispy around the edges. Serve hot between two pieces of fresh Wonder bread with a swipe of a Hellman’s mayonnaise. Sounds gross to me now but it was sheer nirvana then… especially accompanied by freshly delivered, out of the can, Charles Chips. Perfection.

Another culinary treat was when mom brought home Jiffy Pops! Popcorn in a regular pan was never as much fun as Jiffy Pop.  Who could pop the most popcorn and make the self-contained pan get the biggest without burning and smelling up the house was the winner. I’m pretty sure I won that battle with my brother.

Childhood aside, I spent most of my adult life using a gas stove. Various models over 30 years I have enjoyed thoroughly. It was only in 2021 that I moved and inherited a smooth top electric version. What are the differences?  Generally speaking, I liked the quick response and control of heat that my gas options offered. I have burned recipes on the electric top that I never had issue with on a gas top. I’m also struggling with pans that aren’t exactly flat- never an issue with my gas versions. Special note: In 2009’s ice storm, I especially liked that we could still eat when our power was out! Positives for electric? Water that boiled over and extinguished my gas flame, not so good. Clean up with my current flat top is a clear winner.

I was thinking that the type of cooktop you use should depend completely on your individual needs and cooking priorities… but whether it is a topic that has reached government concern remains to be seen. ** I think they still sell Jiffy Pop!

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