Couch or Kitchen… My Analogy

Wolf, Sub Zero, Dacor, Miele, LaCanche, AGA, Aske, Bosche, Le Creuset, Staub, All-Clad, Shun, Wusthof.. a random list of high end kitchen items. Is their price worthy of their performance? Multiple reviews over ten renovations for my own personal spaces, I conclude that there is no lack of argument for or against many of the choices I have made. The one thing that gains the most favor, other than resell name brand recognition is performance quality. When investing in cabinetry, this is critical. I use the following analogy:
You’re hunting for a new family room couch. Comfort and style are at the top of your list. Price tag is key. Maybe your husband is a big guy and your kids are young. You have two dogs. Your couch will take heaps of abuse and you know it. At least you have options for cleaning the couch, and you can check these furniture steam cleaner reviews, so there isn’t really an excuse to make about stains or a collection of dog hair. The difference in your next step is critical. Bought cheaply and treated poorly, you will be disappointed to see the sagging springs, cracked joinery and flattened fillings in a very short time frame. Poor construction is just… poor construction.

Cabinetry is No Different. The sweet widow whose builder installed her lovely white kitchen cabinets lasted less than four years after renovation. Cabinetry sagging off the wall, drawers that were crooked closing- not what she was expecting. Moral of the story? She is happily entertaining again after we took care of her.

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Daily Use

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