Could this be Love?

Finding the perfect house in the right neighborhood at the right price in this current market is downright fanciful. It rarely happens. Instead, most young couples seek that perfectly priced fixer upper. Ideally, this means one that needs cosmetic, not structural improvements. Full stop. If this means anything beyond a fresh coat of paint, take a seat.

“If we just… “
•reconfigure the kitchen with new cabinets 
•remodel the bathroom
•create a storage area
•move the laundry room upstairs 

Remodeling takes a lot more than day dreaming. It takes a sharpened pencil and serious budget discussions. The good news? Your dream space might be accomplished at several budget levels. You just need to know the options. In fact, budgets are the most important component, no matter the size or scope of the project. Be realistic with your contractors and then work back. Accomplish your goals by weighing the best options.

At AKB, we get it.

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