Dish Whisperer

Have you encountered a dishwasher that is so quiet, you have to look for the light indicator to make sure it started? If you’ve always lived with a dishwasher that you can hear when it’s on, it’s a shock to encounter a really quiet one. I’m in a condo with a new GE dishwasher that is literally whisper quiet. I thought it was disconnected until I put my ear right up to the door. In a small space, it’s great to be able to start without worrying about the noise.

Moving many times, I’ve experienced a wide array of options… fancy brand name units that came with purchased properties and those that I had to replace. Over the past three decades, I’ve had multiple Bosch, Asko, GE and Whirlpool versions. None were as quiet as this newest GE edition… but in all fairness, technology has changed.  Newer Bosch and Asko models are highly favored for their quiet cycles so I don’t have an apples to apples comparison.

The average life span for a dishwasher is about 9 to 12 years with problems surfacing in the first 5. Dishwashers in homes that I purchased were not brand new.  What I vividly remember is the how repairmen cringed when quoting me replacement parts on my Bosch and Asko models. Little pesky plastic parts that weren’t made to last but cost hundreds of dollars to replace? Terrible. My GE unit is only 2 years old… so, we’ll see how it holds up. One option I would personally consider is the Miele. Despite the ticket price, they are known to last about twice as long as most other brands. Think 20 years. (I’ll definitely take a closer look next time.)

Are you planning on moving or remodeling soon? With open kitchens being positioned near family rooms, having a quiet dishwasher that performs well is nice. Having one that lasts without problems is even nicer.  At AKB, we can guide you through appliance selections to find the best option for you.

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