Feeling isolated? Have fun and explore Houzz!

Household trim need a fresh coat of paint? Yard need to be mulched? Windows and blinds a little dusty? Looking to better organize your garage? Our current COVID-19 crisis has many of us relishing household chores as an activity to pass our day. Improving our homes comes with a sense of accomplishment (and has to be a better reward than finishing off the new batch of cookies!). Need inspiration for home and yard projects? It’s a great time to create an account on Houzz.com. Unlike Pinterest which covers any and all topics, Houzz is very home/yard/design specific. And it’s easy. No more frumpy folders of home and garden magazine pictures you’ve collected. Using your phone or computer, you can explore and save images as you wish. How?

Go to Houzz.com. Sign Up with Email (Big Green Button!) Create a password. Now you’re off and running.

At the top right is Your Houzz. A scroll down option will offer Your Ideabook.

Get Ideas is the button on the left side of the screen. There are MILLIONS of professional images for you to enjoy and take inspiration from! You can search for very specific photos! (Ex/ Grass covered stairs in Gardens. Concrete Countertops. Traditional Kitchens with Columns. Contemporary Bathrooms with Double Sinks. Handicap Accessible Showers) See a photo you like?

Click the SAVE button and it will save it for you in your very own online folder. As you become familiar with the process, you can create several Ideabooks, customizing them based on type or area. You can add, delete and share these online folders if you wish, or just keep them ready for the day you might be ready to implement.


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