Five Questions for Architectural Kitchens & Baths

  1. Investing in a new kitchen is a serious commitment. What do you consider the most important factor when someone is ready to remodel?

Answer: Hire a professional kitchen designer. A degreed designer who can show you an expansive portfolio of work and can explain every detail and decision made is the person who can best assist you. Independent kitchen designers work well with the builder of your choice to accomplish your goals.

  1. Looking at before/after photos, it is clear that kitchen remodeling can involve a lot more than just replacing cabinets and countertops. What does a professional designer offer to create some of these spaces?

Answer: Professional Designers have expertise in functional layout and the ability to pull together all the pieces (cabinetry, tile, hardware, appliances, lighting, paint colors) to create the perfect space for each client. They accomplish this by listening to their client’s and then designing solutions to their everyday challenges.

  1. Any special design needs requested by clients recently in your business?

Answer: Family Locker Systems, Integrated Kitchen Appliances, Smart Homes, Pet Feeding Stations, Aging in Place Designs, Custom Cutting Boards…

  1. In your opinion, what general trends are you seeing in the industry?

Answer: We see clients mixing materials and embracing patterns and durability. Personalizing spaces with custom storage options makes for clean, clutter free and easier living.

  1. What is the best way to understand costs associated with remodeling?

Answer: Great question, especially if someone has never remodeled before. The best thing to do is come talk to us. Home improvement shows don’t tell the full story of costs associated with redoing spaces. The Designers at AKB are happy to discuss all your options. We represent two comprehensive cabinetry lines that give people plenty to choose from!

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