It’s Not “Paint by Numbers”

I remember paint by number kits as a kid. Given to me by the visiting relatives to either keep me busy during adult conversations or usher my creative talent, I took great pleasure in completing each and every project. My budding talent was destined only for the “gallery” of the family refrigerator, but I enjoyed the activity none the less. What’s not to like about it? No expertise or expensive materials required. Everything the creator needed in one convenient box. Art made simple.

Today, I’m in a business that is a far cry from the paint by numbers kits. Nothing that AKB creates comes out of anything ready-made. There is no Lego like warehouse of product to install in projects, no Garanimal-like plans on file to reuse. Everything does not “match” and is “interchangeable”. Fact is, every project is CUSTOM. Every client’s needs are evaluated to provide exactly what they want at the cost they are comfortable investing. At the end of of a project, everything looks so effortlessly “correct” and appealing that the viewer is led to believe the result is as simple as a paint by number kit.  I can assure you that it is not.

Professional Designers created the look that you are admiring. Looking at a photo? Please ask who designed the space. The Designer/Architect or Interior Designers are the  true “voice” of every photo. Every decision made from material, lighting, color and placement were made by them. Read something like ex/”Material by…”, “Cabinets by…”, “Lighting by…”, and you have been short changed on WHO DESIGNED THAT SPACE?!

It’s no different than a designer garment. The Designer’s name goes on the garment… regardless of the workmen that put it together.

It should be the same on a beautifully designed space.

Visit AKB and we can show you exactly what each and every picture means.


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