Just fix it.

Wine StorageNews flash: You will encounter issues when you remodel. The good news is if you hired the right team, you’ll never really know!
Pieces and parts do not fit seamlessly into new spaces. Custom cabinetry and professional installers can make sure that you get a beautiful, professional finished look without really stressing about how your walls weren’t exactly plumb. For example, think cabinetry to the ceiling. This offers a continuous look that adds visual “height”. But is your ceiling at least close to being level and flat? If it isn’t, it requires professional carpentry skills to alter the crown molding to fit the imperfect ceiling and timing of the installation of the cabinetry below. Professional teams working fluidly together will accomplish this task without alarming the clients. At AKB, we believe that every client deserves not to be bothered with that sort of detail. Sort of like… when I go to the dealership to get my auto serviced, I don’t want to hear how you had trouble reaching the cabin air filter, just fix it. 

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