Kitchen Design Credit

In the world of publishing, an author that doesn’t credit the origin of their inspirations can potentially face a legal nightmare; conscious or unconscious plagiarism ruins credibility and confidence.  In the design business, this is also a struggle. When I see pictures of AKB kitchens on other people’s business sites without proper credit, I believe it robs designers of all the hard work and effort they spent in creating that beautiful space for their client. I’ve stated before in prior posts, any consumer looking to hire a company should wisely evaluate the company’s portfolio and should be vigilant about asking the important questions, WHO DESIGNED THIS SPACE?  WAS A PROFESSIONAL DESIGNER INVOLVED?  What was the scope of design influence beyond framing, plumbing, electrical work, drywall, paint, etc?

Companies or individuals that post pictures of finished projects that they did not design are seemingly taking credit for other people’s work. That beautiful photo resulted from many hours of design time, meetings and trips to evaluate materials and finishes for a professional designer to create a “playbook” for a remodeling team to follow.  Those leaded glass cabinets that reminded you of your grandmother’s kitchen? The herringbone pattern tile floor for your young family’s high traffic area? The table height seating for six to accommodate the various ages of your family? The hidden storage for all your high end baking appliances?… every decision incorporated by the designer reflects the attention to detail that came through the investment of time and design skill to uniquely satisfy each client.


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