Too Little, Too Much, or Just Right?

3-bears-cardMy friends embarked on a serious kitchen remodeling project. They met with a professional designer suggested by an acquaintance. Initial meetings were amicable and ideas exchanged were well received. When the contract was signed and check deposited, the wife said all the chummy attention evaporated in a crosswind. Her goals of a “family friendly” space using materials to weather the abuse of her children as well as recycling stations she wanted to employ in the design kept being “changed” for an overall look.  When she realized the designer cared more about creating a “signature” project than a space that reflected what they wanted, she was in too deep.

Professional designers guide AND listen. A client’s personal requests create the perfect space for them… and frankly, that is the way it should be.  If she had called me first, I could have saved her the poor experience.  🙂



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