Meet AKB’s Team


Recently a friend’s parent was admitted to the hospital for a non life-threatening condition. After the battery of tests to determine the issue, they were counseled by the staff to consider a particular procedure.  My friend went into patient advocate mode and asked pointedly, “How many of these procedures have you done at this facility?” followed up by “How many of these procedures have you done personally?”  Valid questions that have a direct bearing on the results desired.

It got me thinking… 

In the remodeling world, selecting a reputable company with a team of qualified professionals who have executed the procedures time after time with successful results may not be life or death situations, but are certainly instances that are life changing!  This is why I encourage any one who is exploring who to hire for their remodeling project to understand not only the value of education, but of experience.
Meet Team AKB.
Brent– AKB Owner, Architect. Designer. University of Kentucky Graduate. Former Principal and Board Member of Ross Tarrant Architects. 
Gwen– Designer. University of California, San Diego and the Design Institute of San Diego. Portfolio of high end kitchen and bath projects that span 20 years. 
Linda- Designer. University of Kentucky, Interior Design. Former owner of her own design company with experience in multi states. Over 30 years in interior design and kitchen and bath experience. 
Melanie- Designer. University of Kentucky. Interior Design. Former Partner of a home decorative company and former CFO of Embry’s. Joined AKB’s team in 2013.
Any one of these talented people can show you a Portfolio of Work and Demonstrated Results.
Isn’t that what you deserve when making serious changes?

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