Minimize to Maximize! Downsizing done right.

Downsizing isn’t for everyone. The prospect of letting go of square footage and everything in it is just too much to manage for some people.  But smaller spaces that are smartly designed minimize maintenance and can maximize lifestyle! Upgrade, not in size, but in quality and square footage with the right design elements. High ceilings, large energy efficient windows (made of certified materials and well installed) and custom storage (designed with your personal things in mind) can make your space a joy to live in.

Downsizing doesn’t mean doing with less stuff, it means doing with the right stuff! No argument here, getting rid of possessions is a challenge. Ask yourself: What items make your house a home? What activities bring you the most pleasure? Efficiency is vital and spaces need to be a celebration of function… and storage is not underrated! Seasonal items, sporting equipment, financial documents, hobby and cleaning supplies all need a place to go with easy access.

Custom cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms can be the answer to smaller spaces. At AKB, we can design cabinets to store all your important things. Coffee makers and mixers can be placed under the countertop on a platform equipped with a lift. Press a button and a section of the counter rises for use and descends when no longer needed. Pull out pantries for all your spices, dry goods, and cooking items aren’t only an excellent use of space, they make finding items easy. Vanity organizers in the bathroom work the same way. Vanities can be designed at AKB that allow you to store and power curling irons, blow dryers, electric razors and electric toothbrushes freeing up valuable counter space. AKB has done a variety of entryway organization centers, family locker solutions and laundry room storage areas.  Whatever means something to you, AKB can design a beautiful custom cabinetry solution.

Additional note: All your “good stuff” you’ve been saving for a special occasion? If you’re going to keep it, use it. You’re worth it!

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