“Mission Creep” Understanding How You Can Ruin Your Remodeling Budget

You did it. You dreamed of having the perfect kitchen and finally were in a financial and personal position to take on the burden of a remodeling project. Your dream made into reality! You had a budget in mind, but were unsure of the total investment involved so you searched and found the perfect team of design and construction professionals to help you. With their guidance, you were given options to achieve your goal. You labored over every decision and now, that beautiful kitchen you had always dreamed of is just weeks away from being complete! Cabinets, flooring and lights are installed. The walls and window trims are freshly painted. Hardware on the cabinets is pristine. Your appointment for the company to template your countertops is days away and installation is sure to be smooth. You can hardly wait to enjoy your new space. And then… as you pass through the other rooms of your home, you start noticing that some sprucing up in other areas of your house might not be a bad idea. A fresh coat of paint? New door handles? Flooring looking scuffed in the older parts of the home? Are there painted over and outdated hinges now glaringly evident in the older rooms?

Every time you engage an AKB designer, feel confident that they enter your project with an open mind and a goal to make the AKB design complimentary to your entire home. When you invite us in to evaluate your needs, know that we are looking at your home the way you will… with an eye on the total experience. When you choose us, we want you to be happy and informed and are obligated to share our expertise with you. Bottom line, when you’ve done your financial due diligence, choosing AKB should be the best experience to achieve your total goals. Come see us at the corner of Lafayette and Euclid Avenue in the Little Yellow House of Big Ideas!

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