Modern or Contemporary? In Kitchen Design, is there a Difference?

Many a realtor will list “modern kitchen” or “contemporary kitchen” as a property’s positive attribute. I’m pretty sure they don’t literally mean modern or contemporary, but simply any kitchen that has been updated to some degree in the last decade! No earth-colored laminate countertops or bold patterned linoleum floors! So, is there really a difference between modern and contemporary kitchen design?  Design industry experts tend to see modern as more of a style, or forward movement based on past design trends… a period roughly from early to mid-20th century. Many of the design elements of modern are popular now which makes the terms seem interchangeable. However, contemporary is what is happening now: it is the contemporary version of modern. It changes with the latest in technology and materials available. Both styles tend to be a rejection of the ornate, devoid of unnecessary details. They result in a visual impact with the least amount of distraction from competing details. Contemporary kitchens take this impact a few steps further by using integrated appliances. Coffee systems, Wine Storage, Refrigerators, Dishwashers and Ice Makers all disappear into the overall kitchen design using panel ready products fitted with custom cabinetry. Full-access frameless cabinetry options (allowing no space to go to waste) are available at AKB in solid hardwood, textured thermally-fused laminate, glossy high-pressure laminate and wood veneer options for you to explore.

Ready for a new kitchen? Don’t settle for a design firm that produces only one style. You don’t want your space to look like every other project  they have done. Let AKB help you create your own style. At AKB, unique clients deserve unique solutions.

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