Think beyond the social networking site and more in line with your own home. Are you Boldly Geometric? Authentically English? A Collector of Provocative Art? Farmhouse Friendly? Unapologetically Vintage? Eclectic or Timeless? Is your spouse very tall?… while the other is very small? Are your pets kept in their place?… or do they rule the roost? Busy active children?… or empty nesters?  Want low maintenance?… or that “look” at all costs?

We have enjoyed creating spaces for every one of the above categories and love being presented with a challenge! Had to have that extra large stainless soaking tub? We found it. Wanted the perfect retro 70’s light fixture for your modern kitchen? Options galore. The exact size of a built in cabinet to display your entire collection of large Venetian glass pieces? Done. By listening to what you want, researching the best options and delivering the product, AKB succeeds time after time. A client whose master bath we remodeled said, “I feel like I’m at a luxury hotel, and I never have to check out.”

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