Not-So-Lazy Susan

Fondue Night. Growing up in the 70’s, it was my favorite answer to “What’s for dinner?” We had the basic orange fondue pot with a set of long spears that had different colored tips so you knew which one was yours. Cubes of french bread slathered in melted cheese, chunks of beef fried in hot oil and angel food cake pieces swirled in melted chocolate- the ultimate in family dinner fun. But wait! Right in the middle of Gilligan’s Island, a commercial pops up for “The Rotating Lazy Susan Fondue Set”!! A fondue pot centered on a turntable, ingenious! My brother and I always wanted one.

I was curious as to where the lazy susan originated and thought a quick Google search would provide an easy answer. Not that lucky. 13th century Chinese? 18th century England? An invention by Thomas Jefferson (for his daughter) or a by product of the phonograph by Thomas Edison? No article agreed with the next. Seems it is a bit of a mystery for such a simple little gadget. If anyone has better information, feel free to share in the comments.

In the cabinet business, Lazy Susans are a little more complex. They vary in materials, shape, size and cost with the goal of making the best use of corner cabinet areas that would otherwise be problematic. Less expensive options are usually flimsy pole mounted plastic affairs, not appropriate for heavy items. Most of our designs incorporate the serious version, the Super Susan. Rather than being supported by a pole, they are supported by a fixed shelf, rotating on a ball bearing turntable with an articulated door. They are the perfect place for small appliances, larger casserole dishes and heavy canned goods.

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, taking it to the next level in specialized storage options is what AKB does best. Pullout Platter Drawers, Appliance Garages, Corner Drawers, Spice Storage, Super Susan, etc are available to customize your space.

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