What Not to Wear- Cabinetry Style

Looking for a new home? Looking to remodel your current one? An important factor in evaluating cost and value of cabinetry cannot be determined by looking at the exterior alone. Using the example of Glass-Front Cabinetry, here’s what you shouldn’t see!

Glass Front Cabinetry is an option that adds texture and interest to kitchen, bath and wet bar spaces and provides opportunity to showcase personal collections. It is visually very appealing in the overall design and look with its myriad of cabinetry styles, details and levels of glass obscurity. Well made products of this option should show that the glass panel is securely in place… held by metal adjustable clips, custom made screwed in frames, or sealed in place with silicone. What shouldn’t you see? Staples. Your hard working cabinets deserve a little more attention that the framed poster on your basement wall! So open up the door, see what you are considering investing in and make sure it is a quality product.

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