Personalize or Commercialize?

When did a home become a return on investment rather than a place where people live in and love? Who are you creating this kitchen for? You don’t really want an all white kitchen but feel that’s the safest bet? Common questions we hear revolve around how to add value to a home while satisfying personal design requests. We’ve had clients who didn’t give a sniff about resale value and just wanted what they wanted. Others had no plans to live in their property for more than five to seven years and wanted a universal look that wouldn’t be a headache to sell. No problem. We’ve dealt with both spectrums for 15 years. Our rule of thumb in either case is to invest in quality basics. Kitchen cabinets and countertops are usually the most used items in your home. Quality materials and finishes that can withstand daily use are critical. Additionally, having the right appliances can make or break the value of your remodeling investment. Brand awareness is key to many homeowners and luxury brands don’t just read well on home listings, they indicate exceptional quality and reliability. Ex/Sub-Zero are recognized as leaders in food preservation through their dual refrigeration system. Less spoilage, more savings.

The selection of appliances is also important. If you’ve gone to the expense of creating a new kitchen centered by a gourmet cooking area, a standard single oven simply will not do. Expectations are double ovens with precision cooking modes, dual convection, and even Wi-Fi connectivity. Our designers can explain which products will satisfy your project goals. Built in versions of microwaves either in the island or perimeter cabinetry are standard. So, what if you’re not a microwave user? We can help by explaining that some drawer fronts can be converted to a microwave-ready base cabinet. A consideration should you want to accommodate for a future owner.

You can let your personality shine through by selecting interesting hardware, paint color, lighting, barstools, fabrics, artwork and even tile back splashes. All can be changed relatively easy. Quality Cabinets, Countertops and Appliances are the most important choices to consider when remodeling, regardless what you have planned for the future. The overall look needs to satisfy and perform for you first and foremost. 

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