Post-Pandemic Designs

2020 taught us one thing, to value useful space. People spent a lot of time inside their homes last year. Correcting insufficiencies in home designs became priority #1. Clients came to us wanting everything and anything they had heard about or seen online that appealed to them. Materials like copper, brass and bronze, which have natural antimicrobial properties, were popular requests. Smart homes and appliances with touch-free capability sounded ideal to the tech savvy.  Open concept rooms, popular in previous years, were less desirable when multiple family members needed to have dedicated spaces while working from home. Trying to participate in a conference call while your kids were on all-class Zoom meetings was a real struggle. The dining room table and kitchen island became a workstation for one, if not two people.

Where were you supposed to work out? With gyms closed for months, at-home workout systems became key. (Peloton bike sales soared) The idea of a home gym became popular again! Bringing the outside in was also a hot button. Designs that included semi-closed spaces, window walls, sliding glass doors and reflective surfaces all played key roles in the desire for bright, nature-positive spaces. Real estate listings were quick to tout a property offering “great alfresco dining area”. Pricing and availability took some air out of the tires for many of these requests, but the interest was duly noted.

Key take away is this… design has always been personal, but post pandemic, optimizing your live/work spaces just makes good sense. Interested in remodeling? We can help. Call us at the Little Yellow House of Big Ideas. 

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