Ready for Remodeling?

AKB is gracious with their time and with every client. We are often approached by bright and savvy visionaries who are new to the remodeling process. They visit our showroom after seeing our design work online or on a remodeling tour.  They like what they see and began the conversation of possibilities. They spend a lot of time consulting with our designers and coming up with a conceptual plan. AKB designers are so good at what they do that they make the process seem effortless. At this point, we have had a few seek out the big box stores for comparison. Seduced by the thought of lowering costs, they throw professional design experience, product knowledge and product quality to the side and pull the trigger based on perceived savings.

AKB designers are Professionals at Space Planning. Every member of the design staff can demonstrate their expertise through an extensive portfolio. They design spaces incorporating client wishes using quality cabinetry with professional knowledge of how each product line performs and works.  Quality Design, Quality Product and Quality Product Knowledge.  There’s a reason that the Big Box “Cabinet” bid would be “cheaper” than ours. It is “cheap” and doesn’t include the type of personal and product knowledge that a discerning person ready for remodeling would choose to ignore. Few spaces are perfectly plumb and it takes experience to deal with all the inevitable but solvable issues. And when things go wrong, best of luck with the big box store solving issues to your satisfaction.

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