Shall We Redefine Business Attire?

Requiring people to be in the office was easy in 2019. But in 2020, when businesses were allowed to open back up after the lockdowns, many employed a hybrid model in their organizational and workforce strategy. This was largely due to being the most feasible way to comply with social distancing protocols. Companies could either space people out by rearranging existing office furniture or reduce the amount of people in the office. If there were space constraints, the hybrid work week (where employees blend their time working from home and in the office) became the go to strategy for companies during the transition period. Apparently, it worked very well… too well. It’s now 2022 and studies suggest that a hybrid work model may be here to stay.

People enjoyed working from home. They liked not having to commute, dress up or adhere to any forced office schedules. Workers claimed to be more productive which was music to companies’ ears. Employees were evaluated entirely on their results, not just on the empty optics of clocking in time at the office.

According to a recent Harvard Business Review study, 76% of current workers have no intention of spending 5 days a week in a company office space. And companies are taking notice. Hybrid working arrangements are helping in company recruitment. Luring top talent with flexible work arrangements has become all too real.

How has this change affected AKB? Custom home offices! Stylish office designs with beautiful hardware and shelving create the perfect, professional looking office background appropriate for every Zoom meeting. Customized storage to have all your supporting documents handy are must haves. So many options to consider that are so professional, you could likely wear head-to-toe pajamas and no one would even notice. At AKB, our designs are all about whatever makes your life easier and more enjoyable.

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