Sink Statements

The sink, the stove and the refrigerator make up the concept of the kitchen “work triangle”. The proximity of these three items is a consideration when designing new spaces and creating focal points. Custom hoods above an oven… or statement sinks? The choices are based on the overall design goals. If your design leans toward a centralized sink, picking just the right material to accommodate your look and lifestyle is key. AKB’s showroom has several examples of top rated options for clients to explore!

Stainless steel sinks are the dependable workhorse of sink options. Our custom made 3 compartment sink and countertop was designed for our practicing chef, Phil Dunn, to accommodate his popular cooking classes. Not a chef? Come see one of our stainless steel favorites, the Kraus Work Station Sink. This nifty option offers an integrated ledge that allows you to work directly over your sink. Accessories slide across the built-in ledge saving space on the kitchen counter. It is wonderful and well-priced.

Silgranit sinks are durable and attractive. They are made of up to 80% quartz sand, the hardest element of natural granite. We elected to install a café brown one in a working sink to show client’s this option. The BLANCO version is offered in 9 different colors and features over 300 exclusive sink designs for you to choose from. Modern farmhouse styles and spacious under mounts in striking hues will make a Silgranit sink a dependable and stunning statement piece.

Farmhouse sinks are a customer favorite. We recently sold our Kohler cast iron farmhouse sink to a lucky buyer when we remodeled our front display. It was a timeless, white version with a smooth glossy finish.  Cast iron sinks are easy to clean but you need to be careful not to damage the enamel surface with abrasive cleaners. Fireclay sinks resemble cast iron and resist stains and scratches better. Like the cast iron versions, these sinks are heavy and need to be installed on quality cabinets with weight reinforcement.

Although not on display in our showroom, other options to consider are:

  • Copper sinks- pricey but distinct. They are antimicrobial and thick quality options are durable and resistant to denting. Note: Time changes the patina so make sure you’re ok with the aging look.

  • Solid stone sinks- typical granite and marble options are pricey but timeless. They are extremely durable, especially when sealed regularly.

When you’re remodeling your kitchen and considering sink options, make sure you consult with professionals! At AKB, we’re happy to provide guidance.

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