So Many Options


We have an attractive showroom where many people drop by to discuss redoing their kitchen or baths. They enjoy looking through our vast array of cabinetry and countertop samples, envisioning multiple possible looks to their new space! A subject that often comes up in this exploratory stage is the “cost”. The abundant remodeling shows on TV continue to mislead clients to a certain degree about the real cost of materials needed for their projects. In an effort to educate people that come in our showroom, we developed two “informational boards” for people to consider when they are in this stage.
The moral to the story: It always comes down to the materials the client selects. The same overall design can result in a multitude of estimates based on the personal preferences of the client. Good Grade Cabinetry to Supreme Furniture-Like Cabinetry, Standard Granite to Exotic Stones… deciding on what you want to invest in requires understanding the options.

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