Summer Ready

Yes, I know. Some people really like winter weather. The recent stretch of arctic temperatures loaded my social media site with images of snowy Kentucky vistas, sledding parties and dozens of new Instant Pot recipes to warm the belly. Multiple people posted pictures of captured snowflakes, marveling at the individual beauty. They love the season. As for me, wearing my fleeced lined boots, layered clothing and a raised mug of hot tea, I say “you do you”. Tragically, I am one of those people who can’t fly south for the season but grudgingly  manages until it is again time for  the birds to sing, flowers to bud and the sun’s strength to return to its warming glory.

Here’s an idea. If you’re like me and suffer through cold months, be productive and start planning your new kitchen! There are many people unaware of the time frame required to complete a custom kitchen so would it surprise you to know that now is a great time to start the process??

Imagine coming to AKB in early February with only some vague thoughts of what you wanted to do with your space. We would work together to create the perfect design for you over a couple of weeks of meetings, exchanging ideas and making suggestions. Selecting the materials that best suit your investment level and family’s anticipated use takes time and thoughtful consideration. Once ready to place the cabinetry order, it can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks to complete. Delivery, installation, countertops, tile, fixtures and appliances… and when it all comes together, the sun will be out and you will be summer ready in more ways than one!


Coffee is on. Come see us at AKB and start the conversation!


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