Color Cowards? Kitchen Trends

Listening to someone complaining about receiving the RH catalog recently had me thinking. The soothing monochromatic look in page after page of their multiple catalogs is only appreciated by some people as a satisfying thud in the recycling bin. Considering kitchens, clients commonly select traditional white cabinetry when remodeling their kitchen to lighten and brighten their space. Resale value is often a topic discussed with the AKB designer. But… every so often a client comes in to explore our vast selection of cabinetry stains and finishes and can’t quite seem to let go of a particular color sample. Naval Blue. SeaFoam. Pistachio. When veering away from the traditional stains and finishes, it is important to remember color means commitment. It can be the perfect choice for an island or more boldly as the overall effect. Countertops, fixtures and backsplashes can be artfully selected to create the perfect color palette. We encourage clients to take home samples and evaluate how the natural lighting in their home compliments the color… more importantly, how it makes them feel. Bottom line, you can be selfish with custom cabinetry and select the look you want. It’s hard to get tired of the things that make you smile.