Is Talking Better than Texting or Emailing. Yes

Since the kind of kitchen and bath assignments AKB engages typically require a substantial investment on our client’s part, we think that kind of investment deserves extraordinary attention, both ways. You get to know us, we get to know you.  Our designs are amazingly original- each custom cabinetry project reflects the time spent getting to know the client and becoming familiar with their likes, dislikes, wants, needs, desires and dreams. That happens best when we can sit down together and understand one another better- confidence is built to move forward.

Voice-based vs. Text-based

We have received many wonderful leads from social media over the years from Houzz, Facebook and Instagram but the ones that turned into clients always started with a phone call. We’ll invite you to visit our showroom with a  “Come meet us and see samples of our products!” This is a great way to gauge what your next step will be. Did you like what you saw? Did you respond to who you spoke to? Rarely do we get the luxury of working with an unlimited budget, but when we do, our clients have contracted with us because they have met us, personally evaluated our credentials and found us more than capable for the job. They rely on our expertise in layout and design and product knowledge to guide them in their decision making. Those important conversations happen in verbal discussions. SMS texts and emails may be great for When are we meeting? What is the address? What lines do you carry?  but not for deciding whether we are the right company for your project. On a recent inquiry to a provider in a similar but creative industry, I appreciated that they wanted to use the ease and anonymity of an email process, but it didn’t really resonant with me. I felt they really weren’t interested in me as a client. Some people have grown up with these formats and are more comfortable not “talking” to potential clients.  However, with designers, nothing takes the place of one on one communication. When I asked a peer who is an interior designer, “In your business, what type of client contacts you first by text message or email?” She responded, “No one legitimate. Considering the investment, the type of client who takes the time to personally meet with me and mutually discover if we are a good fit is the best client.”

I agree.

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