Technicureans & New Age Appliances

Have you purchased a new car in the last couple of years?? Basic car features these days make anyone wonder how we ever learned to back one up or change lanes without altercation all this time. What newer model cars can do is pretty amazing– cameras, lights and sensors all working in tandem to keep you collision free. The changes can either be intimidating or exhilarating. For that tech-savvy, hands free, gadget loving car buyer, the more bells and whistles, the better.

According to the July/August 2019 edition of KBB, in this tech-savvy world, finding the right appliances for the right client is more important than ever. KBB introduces readers to the Technicurean, admittedly a made up term, but a memorable one. The Technicurean loves the Smart Home. They want to control their Security, Entertainment and Living Conveniences through their Wi-fi and enthusiastically upgrade their gadgets with each new generation of products introduced. Lamps, window blinds, temperature controls, coffee machines, holiday lights all managed through voice command or a touch of their cell phone. Smart locks installed on exterior doors that appear key-only from the street but can be voice-activated to open. (Handy when your hands are full of groceries.) Security devices with dual cameras help capture the people at your door as well as the packages that were delivered. The Pet Cams allow you to monitor, talk to and dispense treats to your pups while you’re at work. So what does the Technicurean want in the realm of appliances? Industry analysts suggest they seek the ultimate in the “connected experience” and respond to the latest in hands free capabilities to control their kitchen equipment. GE Appliances offers over 100 smart appliances with programs that can work through your cell phone or with your current cloud-based voice service. Running late from work? Preheating your oven remotely can expedite your dinner hour. Don’t know what temp to make your beef tenderloin? “GENEVA, make beef tenderloin.” Your GE oven will set it to the perfect 450 degrees and turn on the timer when you’re ready to cook. No time to read the directions? Scan the back of the package and let your appliance set up the time and temperature requirements. Some Whirlpool microwaves actually remember cooking habits and can anticipate requests for your normal breakfast routine. “Will you be having oatmeal this morning?” A concept oven featured recently at a tech show from Whirlpool’s line of ideas featured an oven window that is actually a touch screen, assisting with augmented reality for a better cooking experience.

Everything set up correctly in an easy-to-use consolidated control system can result in some pretty amazing appliances.  Consider yourself a Technicurean or just curious about what’s available in new kitchen appliances? No better place to start than at Architectural Kitchens & Baths, the Little Yellow House of Big Ideas. AKB partners with all the major appliance makers representing the best in what the industry has to offer.

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