Thinking Local- Kitchen Design Trends

Following a worldwide group of kitchen designers and architects on Instagram, I see some pretty amazing posts. Clever uses of colors and materials working together to compliment beautifully designed spaces, some grand in scope, others artfully compact, you could get some farmhouse style inspiration from websites similar to for example. I respond to a lot of images because I appreciate what was created. The Design is the first thing I notice but … I’m naturally drawn to what’s trending in Countertops and Cabinetry Finishes. Reading through some recent trade magazines, I found it interesting that our little neck of the woods mimics what is being seen on a national level. Here’s a snapshot:


  • Quartz is outpacing Granite and Marble in AKB projects as well as on a national level. It’s durable, scratch resistant and easy to care for… with a vast selection of options that mimic natural stone. Price varies by brand with the high end of AKB clients selecting Cambria products.

Cabinetry Finishes

  • While White Kitchens have a never ending popularity, Silvery Grays, Blues, Soft Greens and more traditional finishes create beautiful spaces to be enjoyed for decades. The variety of stains and finishes available in flat, matte and satin topcoats are popular both locally and nationally. AKB product lines of professionally finished options are taken through a multi-step process that produces an extremely durable finish that is resistant to moisture and household chemicals, made to age gracefully.

Time for Technology

  • Tech savvy features in appliances are popular trends. Preheating the oven from the office so that dinner preparation can be expedited appeals to many of our clients. AKB has incorporated the ability to use smart phones to manage range and ovens in some of their designs. Another popular request is design consideration for discreet but convenient docking/charging stations for the family in the kitchen area.

If you’re considering remodeling your kitchen, come see our portfolio at 345 Lafayette Avenue or online at AKB creates beautiful spaces that are functional, aesthitically pleasing and add value to your home.

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