Three Stages of Remodeling Kitchens


There are three main stages of remodeling your kitchen.

  1. Design Process
  2. Obtaining a Contractor
  3. Coordination & Installation Process

The Design Process usually involves an initial appointment with one of AKB’s designers in your home. The opportunity to view your space and ask questions about your needs and desires for your room is critical before pen ever hits paper. This would be a good time to also consider if you’ll need a plumbing fargo company to come in during installation of certain features in the space, as well as other contractors.

The second appointment is in our showroom where general sketches or computer design drawings will be presented. You will be able to view showroom displays and consider cabinet styles, woods and finishes. You may also view and discuss our substantial collection of countertop surfaces, plumbing, and other finish selections. If your remodel is at the stage requiring plumbing services, click here to learn about plumbers near me. An estimate will be given based on your general information and feedback. At the end of this appointment, if you feel AKB is on the right path for your cabinetry design, a 10% retainer based on the estimated costs is required. (This amount is applied to the contract.) Once retained, we will continue to refine and modify your design and pricing until you are completely satisfied. When you are ready to begin the ordering process, a 50% deposit on the total contract is required.

Obtaining a Contractor can be a confusing process as there are a lot of options. AKB is happy to refer several qualified contractors that specialize in kitchen and bath remodels for you to consider. We work with both large and small companies and are happy to consult with your contractor to ensure the implementation of the design you want. Remember you’re not just looking for kitchen design contractors, but also plumbing contractors as well as others too, if you’re wanting to find more information, Read More…

Coordination and Installation is where it all comes together and should be a well orchestrated event! Once we have received delivery dates for your cabinets, we coordinate with you and your contractor to set up delivery to your home. When your cabinet order comes in, the next 40% of your contract is due to AKB. Installation by our installer or your contractor will be followed by countertop field measurements. Countertops are generally delivered and installed within 2-3 weeks of the template date. Once your kitchen or bathroom is completely finished, the final 10% of the AKB contract is due. At this point, AKB will thank you for allowing us to be a part of your project and hope you will allow us to take some photographs of your beautiful new space for our portfolio!

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