Tidying Up with AKB

Marie Kondo, author and star of the Netflix show about tidying up, is commonly acknowledged as the “Queen of Organization”. Her modus operandi is to create positive spaces by eliminating things that do not bring joy. She promotes a life of surrounding oneself with things that have purpose and meaning, bidding adieu to those which have outlasted their usefulness. (My Williams Sonoma holiday cookie cutters? Haven’t seen sugar dough in ten years. But sorry Marie, I’m keeping them in the baking drawer with the rolling pin and icing kit.)

Simplified lifestyles where storage has purpose and clutter is not classy now dictates cabinetry designs used in our remodeling projects. People are affected by their environment, and decluttering can feel satisfying, even cathartic. There is something nice about your items being easy to find, easy to see, easy to reach. At AKB, we’ve incorporated appliance garages for Instant Pots, mixers, toaster ovens and coffee stations. We’ve created storage for large platters, baking sheets and cutting boards. We’ve designed spice drawers, knife drawers, and kitchen tool drawers. We’ve installed Lazy Susans that don’t just spin but pivot and slide with extra extension, making nothing hard to reach! We’ve designed built in step ladders, chalkboards for grocery lists framed with cabinetry wood, corkboards in the tile backsplash to tack up items, … you name it. If getting organized would bring you joy, AKB can help!

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