Transformations- and why we love them!

Before and after pictures are satisfying… largely because it makes the process look easy! No matter the subject (person, place, or thing), seeing the end result without all the hard work is fun, but a bit misleading.

Remodeling kitchens is a messy, inconvenient, and intrusive process. (Wearing your bathrobe and greeting your work team early in the morning becomes normal.) What can you do to mitigate the hassles? Contract with professionals who will create a well-designed space that can be executed by construction and installation crews in a reasonable time frame. One of the reasons why professional remodelers do the job faster is that they have immeasurable experience. Kitchen remodels take careful thought and planning. AKB knows all about it.

The pain is worth the gain.

Kitchen cabinets that have seen better days can make any space feel tired and worn out. Cabinetry with curls, twists and other similar details are quick candidates for updating. Sometimes the layout is just all wrong. If changing the floor plan is going to help you accomplish your goals, RUN, do not walk to a professional kitchen designer. Moving plumbing and electricity takes a bit more finesse than just upgrading a current layout. Working with your contractor, AKB can come up with solutions to all the serious quirky issues older homes pose.

We get it. People love getting inspiration for what we can do in their space, even if many don’t end up finding the courage to take the leap and make the change. Just want to look? We have a huge portfolio of “makeovers” for you to enjoy. Here’s a few!


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