Why is selecting Hardware HARD??

Selecting kitchen and bath hardware is as much about function as it is about aesthetics.  Beyond the myriad of styles and finishes available, I find it more important to select by shape and size. Hardware reduces the amount of hand contact with your cabinets, which helps to keep your cabinetry clean. So how it fits your hand comfortably is a personal choice. Maybe you are in the position of having to consider ergonomics for a diverse set of users? Large hands, small hands, arthritic hands can be accommodated with the right hardware.

Pulls or Knobs?

Where does one begin to decide? Do you lean toward Cup Pulls, Tab Pulls, Ring Pulls, Curved Pulls, Bar Pulls, Recessed Pulls. Round Knobs, Square Knobs, Crystal Knobs, Knurled Knobs, Smooth Knobs, T-Shaped Knobs.  For those not working with a designer, sometimes placing blue painter’s tape on your cabinetry helps you visualize what direction you want to go. Once those holes are drilled, you’re pretty much committed.

Pulls only-Popular in creating a more modern look. Good for hands with limited dexterity. Caution: Designs with sharp radius edges hurt to hip bump and are known pocket catchers.

Knobs only-Popular in creating a minimalistic look. Good for the budget as knobs tend to be less expensive than pulls. Caution: Larger drawers may require two knobs. Knobs that are not round tend to twirl and create misalignment. (Think oval and t-knobs horizontal when the rest are vertical)

Pulls and Knobs-Common to have both pulls and knobs featured in the kitchen. Knobs are most typically placed on doors, and pulls are placed on drawers. Remember that the same finish from different manufactures rarely matches perfectly. You should try to use just one manufacturer when selecting a combination.

Key takeaway-Each kitchen is unique to the owner. Making hardware selections should best meet your style but equally as important, your comfort. Best advice is to go to a hardware dealer where you can actually touch and feel the product and decide how it might work for you.

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