Window over the Kitchen Sink?

There is no general rule that kitchen sinks should be installed under a window. Before indoor plumbing was available, it made sense. A sink near a window provided an easy way to fill and drain water to the outside. But we’ve enjoyed indoor plumbing for decades so why does the practice persist?

Before you think that it must be for the pretty view, not so fast. A pretty view isn’t guaranteed. You could be looking at your neighbor’s brick wall, trash cans, A/C units, utility meters or back alleys. Maybe you’re lucky and your backyard or some bucolic setting is framed beautifully by your window. A vista to enjoy.

Accessibility is a key reason. Running plumbing along the exterior wall with access from a basement or crawl space makes things easier. This is why you find dishwashers placed next to the sink and a refrigerator not too far away.

Other reasons? Natural light is nice when you’re inspecting your grocery purchases and access to fresh air when things just “don’t smell right”. Cabinetry designs tend to free up counter spaces around the sink to create well-organized wet zones for food prep and kitchen clean up.

For function and aesthetics, kitchen sinks under the window make a good case, but not for every space. Next blog, we’ll address sinks in the island!

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