Your Happy Place?

JMAY0254For the last child living at home, my current philosophy on bedroom maintenance is … close the door.  So I was a tad surprised last weekend when my youngest daughter pulled into the driveway and proceeded to unload storage containers and hanging systems from Target out of her SUV.  Offering up a heavy dose of smirk and one eyebrow raised at her, she responded, “What?? I’ve got to get organized!” Amazing. Even the evolving brain of a teenager reaches the point of wanting to bring order to chaos.

In the adult world, bringing order to chaos is one of the best things about designing spaces.  I fantasize about some of the laundry rooms, home offices, pet grooming stations, and incredible family storage projects we have done.  I remember guiding hours worth of groups through a grand remodeling project AKB played a part in with its gorgeous beamed ceilings, balustrade and banister in the upper gallery, super sizedLaundryAKB_003 fireplace… and the mudroom.  The mudroom was where everyone stopped and stared.  They envisioned, like I did, what it would be like to live there.  An elaborate family locker system with closed and open cabinetry for storage, pegs for hanging coats, backpacks and sports bags, seating and shoe storage, extra large washing tubs, floor drain, hose system and adjacent laundry room… all there to cater to the pets and people and their comings and goings.  If your happy place is an organized place, we can help.

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